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Specialized Services  Savannah Garden Coaching offers a wide range of services, from Transplanting existing Shrubs and Trees to Low Voltage Lighting. I work closely with my clients to ensure quality service. SERVICES OFFERED:  Garden Coaching - Is Garden Tutoring. We can work side by side until you feel confident enough to handle it on your own. Or we can do the work and explain what I have done. Then you can jump in when and where you like. Garden Coaching breaks down the daunting task of gardening into smaller manageable segments. Learn how to install plant material properly yourself and save money. Garden Design - We can offer you a design plan and implement it. We can discuss plant material. I will pick them out and place them, and you plant them! Garden Maintenance - Our team stops bi-weekly or monthly to assess your garden property and address any major issues, for example irrigation, tree limb on roof. etc. On minor issues, we will email you, wait for your response, and attend the issue at next service call. Hardscapes - Hardscapes are things like paver walk ways and transitional zones, rock paths, patios etc. We can design and implement these for you. Irrigation Systems - We can install irrigation systems for your flower beds and lawn. I can even install a drip system for all your containers and hanging baskets which turns your labor time into garden viewing time. Lawn Maintenance - It is time consuming if you are doing your own mowing, weed- eating, and blowing. Reduce your lawns to no more than 30 minutes or less of mowing. Did you know that lawns require more water, chemicals and manual maintenance than flowerbeds? Low Voltage Lighting - Low voltage lighting can act as a passive security system while aesthetically pleasing thus extending your viewing, living space and entertaining time of your landscape. It's attractive as well as practical in this day and time. We can design a plan and install it for you. Transplanting - Do you ever wish a few things could be relocated? We can move mature plant specimens and create a new focal point with a complimenting bed surrounding it, and highlight this area with landscape lighting. Give the look of your yard on the night of the full moon all year. Water Features - We can work with what you have and enhance it. There are many ways to accomplish the desired look. Call for a consultation appointment! SAVANNAH GARDEN COACHING PHONE: 912-323-5649 E-MAIL:  
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